People PhotographyI was born in 1985 in London. Although my mother is Argentinian and father is Swedish, I regard myself as English and London as my home. Although I have spent most of my life in urban environments I have a deep appreciation for nature and the untouched countryside. I have been very lucky in my life and had to been able to travel around the world. This has led me to view many cities, the countryside and how also they merge together.

I would say my love for photography stemmed from my love of art which I enjoyed from a young age. To start I was mainly interested in fine art and trying to express myself through that medium. This led me to attend the foundation degree at Central Saint Martins. I was initially frustrated when I attended until I did a fine art new media elective. This was the real start of my love of photography. What interested me at first was being able to capture people’s base emotions and actions in an everlasting image. This then led me to using people as a medium with different objects to either intensify emotions, actions or to try remove any sense of the persons self until they individuality disappeared.

From there I went and studied photography at Chelsea College of Art. Here is where three things happened I found my preferred medium Black and white the pleasure of mindless hours spent in the darkroom and my development of capturing the unique action of people interacting within an urban environment and ever since then that has been my main focus as well as trying to convey people’s emotions and self through portraits. I loved depicting the urban environment and its many inhabitants in various shapes and forms and how they seem to merge together.

I never finished my degree at Chelsea as at that time I was not ready to embrace the change from film to digital. Although now I use digital photography my preferred medium is still 35mm and medium format. After leaving Chelsea I have had a variety of unrelated photography jobs. But they have given me the means to travel and do what I love. Since then I have been travelling to cities over the world and trying to capture the individual blending of people and their environments.

This website is a catalogue of my ongoing journey of capturing people within Urban and non-urban environments.